Up to one in three Australian women have experienced birth trauma and one in 10 women emerge from childbirth with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and according to researchers, the problem is only getting worse.

It would be a common misconception to believe that this is just how childbirth is, but Not Another Childbirth Class is here to bust that myth and help you achieve positive birth outcomes for you and your family.

An alive baby and birthing person does not necessarily equal a healthy baby and birthing person.

Our mission is to start changing how maternity care is used so that families are experiencing empowering transitions into parenthood.

The 'easy' thing to do would be to just rock up to your birth and 'go with the flow', but this approach has seen many birthing people sucked into the routine procedures (many of which are NOT best practice) that the medical system perform. 

Leaving many people feeling unheard, unseen, in some cases violated, coerced, misled and out of their depths.

Birth doesn't need an instruction manual, but navigating the system does.

This is why we have lined up some amazing birth and postpartum professionals to discuss topics that you are likely not going to hear about in your antenatal appointments.

Having this knowledge places the ball in your court.

Now you know what your options are, where you can find out answers, why creating a birth plan does NOT make you a diva, but a smart, informed birthing person that understands the importance of birth, for you and your baby.

Don't leave this birth to chance. 

This is your body, your birth and your baby.

Let's change birth outcomes, starting with you.


Myself and Nessa Voigt and Tessa Bobir, two of our speakers from Not Another Childbirth Class were fortunate enough to be invited on Boe's morning show on 98.9fm For the Best Country to talk about the event and why birth and postpartum is so important.

You can listen to the interview below.

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